Our Story

The Merino Collective was born from an idea that small and medium businesses come together as one to achieve minimum order quantities that are not always realistic or financially achievable when dealing with large fabric mills.

Our goal is to provide superior products at a fair price with reasonable expectations around minimums per base cloth and per colour.

This has now grown from just a wholesale idea for the clothing industry to also including an online retail presence to provide access to these beautiful products to anybody that wants them.

We want to achieve this with as little impact to our wonderful environment as possible and operate with integrity and transparency. 

All of our fabric is knitted in Australia at ABMT Melbourne. You can learn more about this here.

Our Merino is guaranteed to be of NZ and Australian origin and meets the Responsible Wool Standard.

Our Organic Cotton is knitted under the guidance of Australian Certified Organic (ACO). All fibre, dyes and auxiliaries are GOTS certified.