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Ethical Merino Jersey - Steel

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100% Merino Jersey

18.5 micron - 200gsm - 150cm wide


We love merino! Merino wool is a healthy option for both the environment and the body. Being a naturally moisture-wicking fabric, it has a wonderful ability to regulate body temperature, warming you in Winter and staying cool and breathable in Summer. Merino is naturally renewable and biodegradable. The strength and durability of Merino, paired with its luxurious drape makes it an incomparable cloth.

Our Merino is an industry-leading 18.5 micron. A micron is what we use to measure the gauge of the wool fibre itself, it is not to do with the GSM of the fabric. So, the lower the micron - the softer the wool. To give you an idea, the average human hair is around 100 micron.


Our ethical merino jersey is knitted in Australia at an RWS certified mill, using yarn guaranteed to be sourced from New Zealand and Australian wool growers. Check out our story for more information.